SwiftUI, is it declarative?

I want to make an iPhone app, but I’m a designer and not really a developer. I have a background in web development; making WordPress website, coding HTML and CSS by hand, etc. I know a lot of the pieces, but I haven’t done much coding in the past half dozen years.

Since last Fall I’ve been thinking about an app idea and I can’t let it go. For now I want to create a quick journal to capture my journey.

I thought of creating a clever domain name, but I’ve already got this domain and I want a public place to hold myself accountable.

My idea is to go through Paul Hudson’s course and share what I’m figuring out along the way.

I’ve got a birthday app I want to design, but I might land on something different. Right now my only goal is to get something live into the App store.

I went through the start of the course and re-learned the difference between declarative languages versus imperative languages. I kind of get it, and it makes sense in my head.

Over the past few months I’ve been testing ChatGPT to help me, and it’s sort of working, but I feel like I need a more foundational level understanding. Right now I’m worried I’ll just drop the ball on this.

Anyway, as a designer wanting to make things on my own, the journey has to start somewhere.