My favorite books

I took Khan Academy’s challenge on creating a book list database, and I instantly had a ton of questions.

I’m trying to understand the user interaction on a frontend with an app and how that would correlate to changes in the database.

For instance, when I tap on books on the right hand side, I see a new line of text in the coding window.

So is every interaction a new line in the database? Meaning, if I want to add a book, change a book, view my ratings, it all is new lines in the database?

This is probably incredibly beginner stuff; but I’m really in a learning and curious mode, and frankly I’m loving it.

This leads me into other questions. Do I sort in a database? Do IDs relate to sorting in any way, or are they just identifiers? I’m guessing the latter.

I took a look at the documentation, and that seems to be a whole category in itself; querying the database. I’m excited!