Modifying my first database

So I tried my very first database test. First of all, Khan Academy is amazing. The way the audio lesson works with an in-browser IDE Is “chef’s kiss”. Second, ChatGPT is like magic.

I took the very first lesson and got stuck.

Everything was relatively straightforward.

My goal, on this last line, was to modify the Bananas items to 10 bananas. I buy a lot from the grocery store every night, and it just makes sense to have more. With that said, the error didn’t make sense. I’m trying to update with more bananas, what’s wrong?

I copied this code into ChatGPT and asked what’s wrong with the last line. The answer was incredibly helpful!

So that gets me thinking. If I have a counter app, and I want to add bananas by tapping on a button to add them, would that be represented in this database with the options they’re presenting? I’m curious about the last one. I don’t want to add a new row, I want to update the bananas in the existing category. Let’s try it.

Ok, so nothing happened. I think I’m missing something. That’s enough for tonight. I’ll do the next lesson tomorrow.