Databases continued

I’m starting at the very beginning. I have a vague concept of databases, thanks to my many years working with development teams on applications. I understand that a database is like a spreadsheet, and my interactions with the app are essentially submitting requests to modify data on those tables.

Beyond that basic relational connection, I don’t know what’s possible, what’s easy, and what’s hard. I’m also incredibly worried that my limited understanding of what I don’t know could cause problems down the line. Am I likely to break things? Am I setting up my app for failure because I don’t understand the security ramifications of what I’m doing? Could I leak or lose user data? All this worries me a bit, and makes me wonder if my first app ideas should be something without databases.

Right now, though. I’m just having fun. In the spirit of Essentialism (chapter on having fun and encouraging learning through play), I’m going to learn for a bit and see where that takes me.

So, to Khan Academy we go. Things on my list right now: